Two ISO quality process awards in a week for CRM

An ISO27001 certification demonstrates the highest level of information security controls within a firm, providing peace of mind around the safety and security of data. 

It is assessed externally on an annual basis to ensure an impartial and independent review of the processes and controls in operation.

The company has also won the sought-after ISO9001 quality-based process standard, which came in the same week. This certification demonstrates effective and repeatable outputs to clients and stakeholders, proving the outstanding level at which the CRM company operates

Both certifications will make it easier to scale the business in due course, creating a solid base for growth in the future. 

The ambitious firm, which specialises in the recovery and realisation of assets and debt has also appointed its first-ever Head of Compliance.

Sam Mather takes up the role – moving from a day a week to full-time at CRM – having worked as an independent ISO consultant for many years in clinical manufacture, petrochemicals, and aerospace industries, as well as in-house at other Cerberus Group companies.

Around the ISO27001 certification, Sam will produce strategy roadmaps of how data is stored, accessed, and controlled within the business, using high-risk analysis, system clean-ups, spot checks, and internal audits to monitor compliance. 

He said: “It will be my job to ensure we stay compliant with both certifications and look for continual improvement at data management, process and control levels. I have the full support of the Directors, and a robust top-down commitment to resourcing the role properly. 

“I am delighted to be joining a business I know well in a Group I respect. I look forward to getting going,”

Tony Roche, CRM Director said the business was hardening the IT infrastructure to help growth plans. He said: “We are committed to the security of data managed for our clients and interested parties, and are always looking for ways to improve all aspects of what we do. 

“This investment is part of our long-term strategy to ensure we have good foundations on which to build the company. It sends a strong message to our existing and future blue-chip lending and restructuring partners that we are committed to the highest standards of operations – independently verified every year.” 

“It’s great to have Sam on board. He knows the Group well, is familiar with us, and has hit the ground running.”