CRM 5 Minutes With: Jo Booth, Executive Assistant

  1. What do you do at CRM and what aspect of it brings you the most job satisfaction?

I am the Executive Assistant and work for the group as well as CRM, I organise all the events, look after clients and generally keep everybody in check.  

In CRM I look after the admin & cash team as well as putting my collectors hat on to pick up the phone to help the collections team with the recovery of cash. Just recently the collection side of the role is something I took on board to help the team but with some good training and advice I have found out I am not that bad at it!

I have been a PA since the age of 17 and to be honest it never gets old. I love the satisfaction I get when I organise an event with clients or colleagues that all comes together.

  1. What is the best career advice you have received?
    Be yourself at all times, people buy into people
  1. In my spare time, I… love walking my two dogs, I am a trustee of a local charity and involved myself heavily in charity work outside of the office
  1. What is your favourite:
  • Book – anything that involves an autobiography (especially sport) 
  • Music Album – Anita Baker (just love my old R & B)
  • Film – Braveheart
  1. Tell us something not many people know about you! 
    I also work at Manchester United looking after VIP clients