Meet the Team: Laura Betts, Head of Insolvency Services

We got alongside Laura Betts, Head of Insolvency Services, to discuss all things CRM, building your career, and supportive colleagues.

To kick things off, tell us about your role at CRM and what your main responsibilities involve.

My role is Head of Insolvency Services, and my core focus is managing the insolvency team and ensuring exceptional service for our clients.

This incorporates all service offerings to our nationwide Insolvency Practitioner client base, including sales ledger and work in progress valuations for distressed businesses, collectability assessments, and debt collection. A lot of insolvency debt collection is referred to as ‘rump end’ as it may be years old and therefore more challenging to recover, but nothing that the team can’t handle!

What does a typical workday look like for you?

It sounds very clichéd but there’s no such thing as a typical day for me! Our business is by nature very reactive depending on our clients, so each day can be completely different. My day can vary from discussing case progression with my team, to being on-site gathering information to prepare valuation advice in the run-up to a pre-pack administration. Before the pandemic, we travelled around the UK for meetings with our clients frequently, but we have taken more of a hybrid approach since then.

Can you tell us about your previous experience leading up to becoming Head of Insolvency Services?

I started my role as Head of Insolvency Services in 2019, but I have been at CRM for 12 years now! When I first joined the company I was an Office Administrator. I had never worked in the industry and knew very little about financial services or debt collection. However, I’ve always been IT-minded and interested in improving systems and processes, as well as having big ambitions for my career. I’ve learnt a lot over the past 12 years and my experience has grown through involvement in every aspect of the Cerberus offering, including our asset-based lender clients, which led to obtaining my ABFA certificate course qualification.

My prior experience is in quite unrelated industries. I first worked at Manchester Airport where I was in the counter-terrorism unit and then moved on to Trafford Council modernising their work allocation systems.

What qualities do you bring to the CRM team?

I’m willing to get stuck into anything, which is really our ethos across the whole team. Whether you’re a manager or an office junior, if the job requires it we’ll roll up our sleeves and get the job done.

How is CRM different to other workplaces?

For me, a big differentiator is that the directors take the time to know and interact with their staff. A standout example was during the pandemic whilst working remotely, the company would send us food and drink parcels to enjoy during group Zoom socials.

As well as this, the directors made an effort to keep us updated on the evolving strategy for the business during the pandemic, and provide reassurance that jobs were secure. That feeling of inclusion is a special part of working at CRM.

Describe your proudest moment at CRM and explain why.

My promotion to Head of Insolvency Services was a huge moment for me. After working my way up the company for several years from zero industry experience, I was proud that the directors put their faith in me to manage the team and service delivery for our insolvency clients.

What does a typical weekend look like for you?

Weekends revolve around my family (my fiancée, one-year-old daughter and two step-daughters), and my horse! I have been riding horses for over 25 years and own an 18 hand grey Shire horse called Shadow. You may think Shires are bred to plough fields, but we enjoy hacking out, dressage and the occasional bit of cross-country/showjumping! 

Before you go, do you have any words of wisdom you’d like to share?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Use the people around you for support, and offer that support back where you can. Nurture talent and don’t be afraid of empowering those around you.